Try the new Ekomilk-AMP mini-lab system at Eurotier in Hannover, Germany
from November 13 - 16, 2018, Booth D51 in Hall 13 (Bulteh 2000)

Ekomilk AMP milk quality and animal health mini-lab system at Eurotier Germany November 2018

In Hanover in Germany, every 2 years the large livestock - related trade fair takes place: Eurotier
The Eurotier trade fair in Hanover is about animal farming, livestock, animal production. And the digital tools and that's where Ekomilk & AMP fit.
Typically Eurotier in Hanover takes place for several days around mid November.
Ekomilk & AMP are again present with a booth under " Bulteh 2000 Ltd " company name to demonstrate the new EkomilkAMP mini-lab and the special milking robot version.
The EkomilkAMP mini-lab accurately measures somatic cell count, butterfat content, protein content, total solids and optionaly ketosis risk, added water, lactose, freezing point and desnity.
The cost per test is around €0.03.
There is an extensive online platform (AMP) included for instrument diagnosis and remote instrument support besides sample identification and automatic result transfer over Wifi to online graphs and dashboards, emails, SMS and 3rd apps (via APIs, optional).
As a "premiere", the robot version of Ekomilk-AMP, with direct connection to milking robots or AMS, VMS, robotic milking, will also be shown.

This time, in November 2018 Eurotier will present together with industry, science and consulting, special "Digital Animal Farming" at EuroTier 2018 in Hanover on the importance of digitalisation for modern livestock farming.
Ekomilk & AMP will be pleased to support this initiative.
As stated on the Eurotier website and various accademic studies before, "management can be simplified and errors can be avoided".
This is exactly one of the key goals of the Ekomilk AMP system for dairy farms, vets, milk collection and farm supporting and farm consulting organisations.
Besides, field tests were successfully completed for the new Ekomilk-AMP cluster: over 500 milk samples analysed per hour at approx. €0.04 per test for SCC (mastitis), fat, protein, lactose and total solid content, ketosis risk.
It's easy and reliable for 1 operator to manage 1 cluster consisting of over 20 sample preparation and supply stations thanks to the easy cluster backbone interface on AMP.
Milk sample identification can happen via optional barcode reader, RFID reader or manual and is guided by AMP in robust workflow.
Ekomilk-AMP clusters have the lowest maintenance cost in the entire food and beverage analysis industry thanks to a reliable remote instrument monitoring platform.

We look forward to seeing you in November at our booth in Hanover, Germany at the Eurotier trade fair! Booth D51 in Hall 13 listed under Bulteh 2000 Ltd company name.

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